Look ma! Coffee inspired art for my kitchen!

So I made the very adult decision that I finally need to pick colors for my kitchen. Drumroll please…the new colors of my kitchen are kelly green and cobalt blue with a coffee theme.

On to my craft… I’ve recently been inspired by my friend Amy to be more crafty. I’m good with things that have a specific pattern (crocheting) but I’m not very artistic so I’ve been apprehensive about starting anything. Inspired by my new decision I decided to embark on a project to make something for my kitchen.

Here’s what I did:

12×12 canvas
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Coffee beans
Mod Podge glue

I painted the canvas with two coats of the paint with an hour dry time between and after.


I laid out the coffee beans how I wanted them on the canvas.


I glued on the coffee beans with Mod Podge glue. At first I was doing them individually but I realized since it dries clear it’s easier to brush on sections of glue then apply the coffee beans a section at a time.

Hang. Admire.


After I finished the mug, I decided to make it a mate.




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