Don’t google…and other things I’ve learned during pregnancy…

By far the best advice I’ve received during pregnancy was from one of the nurses at my ob’s office. DON’T GOOGLE! Occasionally you might get good advice but more often you’ll end up worrying yourself sick or ignoring symptoms that your doctor needs to know about!! The nurse told me to never hesitate and call them with any questions! They would much rather you call than google!

WHEN YOU FEEL ENERGETIC, TAKE ADVANTAGE! I’ve learned that this is especially important because you could be full of energy one day and dead on your feet the next. I’ve always heard that you’ll be more tired than usual during pregnancy, but nothing prepared me for the tiredness I experienced! One day I took 3 naps! And I guess while I’m discussing sleep (or need for), I’ll mention PILLOWS!! You can never have too many especially when you’re pregnant! Between the heartburn/acid reflux, hip pain, back pain, not being able to sleep on your back, and your ever growing belly, you’ll need a ton. Haha. I’ve been known to sleep with three under my head, one between my knees, one behind my back, and one to hug. Most recently I’ve had to add one to prop up my swelling feet! When I’m trying to roll over (which is a great process), I always imagine that I look like a beached whale.

And I should go ahead and mention that EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT! So really, only the no googling advice might apply to you!

STOCK UP ON TOILET PAPER Actually, you should do this as soon as you see that second line. Don’t stop to tell anyone your good news. Go STRAIGHT to Sam’s Club, get a membership, and buy tp. You will need it. Lots of it.

Well, I’m done dispensing my wisdom (hehe) for the day!



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